The Role of the Leader

​This month our LPAS learning session focused on the Role of the Leader. In Art Byrne’s book ‘The Lean Turnaround’ he states that over 90% of Lean turnarounds fail long term based on the lack of sustainability. The role of the leader is to create the environment for sustainably of improvement efforts through: purpose, planning and people.

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Lean Practitioners

of Saskatchewan


2019 LPAS Gemba Tours - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This year’s LPAS Gemba Tour Event took place in Saskatoon. Our group of Lean practitioners, representing the healthcare, government and manufacturing sectors, had the privilege of experiencing, first-hand, just what can be accomplished with training, hard work, persistence and a commitment to continuous improvement. All three of our tour sites might be considered high-mix, low-volume manufacturers. But that’s where the similarity ends.  Each provides their customers with highly individualized and, in most cases, one-off products and services. The materials used, and subsequently the supply chains are completely dissimilar. No widget builders here!  

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​Promoting the Culture of Continuous Improvement

We all acknowledged that culture is an extremely important factor in any continuous improvement journey, but can be one of the most difficult things to influence. Culture is intangible, culture is unwritten rules, culture is the personality of a workplace. As Peter Drucker says, "Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast"

Based on years of experience, within a variety of industries, Rodelle offered her Top Ten Tips to Help Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement.

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