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Jenni Will Be Missed!

Updated: May 23, 2022

You may have read my recent post introducing the 2022 executive team and, if you’re at all familiar with LPAS, you may also have noticed that one perennial name is missing from the roster – That person is Jenni Gasson!

Jenni has been such an integral part to this organization since its inception. I still recall us sitting in a local restaurant one evening in the late summer of 2015. We considered what would such an endeavour bring to the table. What value would it provide to potential members? The members Jenni later affectionally came to refer to as “Leanatics”. It was October 2016 when the inaugural LPAS event was held. Since then, there have been five annual conferences and more than sixty learning sessions and Jenni has devoted countless hours of time and effort, in some way, to every one of them.

Her unwavering commitment and dedication to the success of this association has been amazing to witness. She has been a catalyst and I’m convinced that her engineering background of process thinking, and structured implementation methods have been key to much of the success we have seen.

In addition, Jenni’s substantial technical skills meant that she has been, almost exclusively, responsible for the development of our visual identity and social media presence.

On a personal note, I’m honoured to call Jenni my friend. We first met in 2011 when we worked together professionally on the same “Lean Team” in the industrial sector. Since then, she has gone on to serve in various public sector leadership roles. The one constant, a willingness to share her experience, knowledge, and skills with those around her – and that certainly has included me.

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