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2021 LPAS Speakers

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Key Note Speaker 
Think Strategically - Act 

Bruce Hamilton is the President of GBMP.
Bruce is also Director Emeritus for the Shingo Institute, home of the Shingo Prize, and is a Senior Examiner for the Shingo Prize and a Certified Shingo Institute workshops Facilitator.  Bruce is a past recipient of the Shingo Prize in both the business and academic categories and Inductee to the Shingo Academy (with five awards in all).  In 2015 he was inducted into the AME Manufacturing Hall of Fame.
Bruce is a sought after speaker concerning management’s role in Lean transformation, noted for his hands-on experience, humor and insight.   His clients have included Raytheon, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, OC Tanner, New Balance as well as many smaller organizations.
He is the creator of Toast Kaizen, as well as numerous other award-winning Lean training DVDs including Single Patient Flow and, most recently, Improvement Kata. Bruce is co-author of e2 Continuous Improvement System, a comprehensive learn-by-doing guide for Lean transformation.   He publishes a Blog, “OldLeanDude", about understanding the Toyota Production System and gaining its full benefits, and hosts a free monthly webinar called “Tea Time with the Toast Dude”.

About Bruce's Keynote

The challenge of Lean Transformation is that, while it provides technical means to “fix problems instantly,” it also requires a change in mindset and behavior at every level of the organization to  create an environment that surfaces and fixes problems instantly rather than hiding them. The mindset change is an adaptive challenge, not a technical one,  that can only be achieved through a strategic commitment to creating high value to the customer by highly valuing the providers.   According to our presenter, Bruce Hamilton, “Commitment, the will to improve, is a very big deal that begins with senior management,  but must be embraced by everyone in the organization.  If we want improvement to be truly be continuous, there needs to be a shared vision of the ideal as well as the technical means to close the gap.”   Bruce’s presentation will focus on combining the technical challenges of Lean with the adaptive change of Lean Culture. 

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Stick it to COVID
An Innovative “Patient First” Vaccination Clinic Design

During the launch of Saskatchewan’s Phase 2 Immunization Rollout, QI Specialists from across the province were tasked with supporting vaccine clinic readiness and implementing safe and efficient processes as the vaccine supplies increased. Attendees will learn how the implementation of a Patient First innovative vaccine clinic design, where the care comes to the client, was achieved in Regina. This presentation will discuss the variety of Lean methodologies used, PDCA’s trialed and outcome metrics achieved which resulted in an increase in productivity while reducing the need for supplies, skilled staff and space.

Presented By: 

Kristin Mitchell - Quality Improvement Specialist, Saskatchewan Health Authority

Kristin is a process improvement leader who is passionate about bringing together cross-functional health care teams to improve the safety and quality of care for patients and staff. Through her roles as a Quality Improvement Specialist and a Cardiology Technologist, she has been able to provide patient centred care as a front-line employee and lead and support Lean improvement initiatives. Kristin holds a Master’s Certificate in Health Systems Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Regina. She has also completed her Lean Improvement Leader Training and is a Registered Cardiology Technologist.

Joy Dobson - Senior Physician Consultant, 3sHealth

Joy is a former anesthesiologist and critical care physician who now restricts her practice to care of the health system. Her current role is Senior Physician Consultant to 3sHealth. She has held a variety of leadership positions over four decades in health care, and has been part of large scale lean transformations in the province. In February of 2021 she joined the quality improvement team tasked with optimizing the vaccine rollout to 1.2M citizens of Saskatchewan.

Level: Intermediate

STEP in to Lean: Creating a New Business from a COVID-19 Challenge
Leveraging Lean Strategic Planning, Processes, Thinking, and Technologies to rapidly respond to COVID-19 challenges and launch a new business

When COVID-19 threatened to shut down the construction industry, Marquardt Mechanical leveraged their Lean Thinking, processes, and digital tools to adapt to their business's limited site access, remote design collaboration, and off-site fabrication. Not only did experimenting with new technologies help Marquardt Mechanical optimize their internal efficiencies, but it generated enough external interest for Marquardt Mechanical to launch a MarQ Solutions division that offers related services across various industries.


Jason Marquardt will review the STEP (Strategic Transformation Execution Planning) Process that has been applied to complete the Lean Transformation of Marquardt Mechanical and it’s Value Streams over the years. Additional team members will then share how this process has been used to help develop the new MarQ Solutions division from the ground up. Topics will include Hoshin Kanri, Value Stream Mapping, and Standard Work.

Presented By:

Jason Marquardt, VP of Strategic Development, Marquardt Mechanical

Jason has over 15 years of international experience implementing Lean Six Sigma across numerous industries; including construction, health care, engineering, administrative services, and manufacturing. Jason is a certified Lean Master trainer and has a passion for continuous improvement. He has been driving a Lean cultural transformation over the last 9 years since rejoining Marquardt Mechanical. He earned an MBA, specializing in Supply Chain Management, from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. 

Mr. Marquardt’s lean implementation experience includes 5S, Value Stream Mapping, Visual Management, Last Planner System, Tiered Accountability, Standard Work, Leadership Standard Work, Mixed Model Design for Flow, Pull-Scheduling, Plan-for-Every-Part Replenishment, Kanban, Total Cost Analysis, ConWIP, SMED/Set-Up Reduction, Poke-yoke, Root-Cause-Corrective-Action, Choosing By Advantages (CBA), and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).


Justin Henderson, Marquardt Mechanical

Justin has been driving Marquardt Mechanical’s Lean implementation for the past 7 years. He has numerous cycles of leading lean projects and implementing lean tools; including Last Planner System, 5S, Visual Management, Standard Work, Value Stream Mapping, Waste Identification, and Continuous Improvement. Justin has devoted hundreds of hours to Lean training; earning his Certificate of Management in Lean Construction from the Associated General Contractors of America.

Justin has over 15 years of experience in Mechanical Contracting. His roles have included Superintendent, Estimator, Project Manager, and General Manager. His project experience is interprovincial and spans the Commercial, Institutional, Residential, and Industrial market segments. Justin has earned his Gold Seal Certificate as a Project Manager, Red Seal as a Journeyman plumber, and Journeyman Gas Fitter ticket.

Level: Intermediate

Jennifer Fetch.jpg
Smaller Mops Make a Big Splash!
The powerful impact on Saskatchewan’s patients and health care providers of a new standard mop

Until recently, you would have found health care workers cleaning patient rooms with traditional heavy loop mops, using the same mops for more than one room and having to frequently fill and refill buckets with water and chemicals. Find out how a provincial strategy has significantly reduced safety risks for workers, improved patient safety and reduced use of chemicals.  Learn about the critical role of standard work and how the team has measured the impacts.

Presented By:

Jennifer Fetch, Director of Provincial Linen Services, 3sHealth

Jennifer is a passionate Lean leader and Director of Provincial Linen Services (PLS) at 3sHealth. Her career in health care began in the continuous improvement office at 3sHealth almost ten years ago, when Lean practices were being introduced across health care provincially. Jennifer joined the 3sHealth's PLS team early on, applying Lean principles to ensure a successful transition to a new way of delivering high quality linen for patients and residents across the province. As Linen Lead for southern Saskatchewan, she identified opportunities to increase quality and savings for the health system in her day-to-day work. Jennifer became Director of PLS in January 2020 and has worked throughout the COVID period to help ensure consistent supply of critical linen supplies, strong infection control and enhanced cleaning procedures throughout the health system.

Level: Beginner

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