February - Ryan McCormack

Adapting Lean Management for a Distributed Workforce


The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption with businesses and industry forced to rapidly adapt to uncertain conditions. It has forced many to challenge basic assumptions about how they operate and create value. Similarly, it has caused lean practitioners to re-examine and adapt their principles and methods for new ways of working. How has Covid-19 caused you to adapt your improvement and management systems? Learning Objectives • Share examples and challenges of how lean principles can be adapted for working remotely with a distributed workforce. • Explore some long-held lean practices and question their relevance in a digital world About our Speaker Ryan McCormack - The Wawanesa Mutual Company Ryan is an operational excellence consultant and lean practitioner with over 20 years experience in multiple industries, including aerospace, food, healthcare, and insurance. Ryan was first introduced to lean principles in 2001 and has spent his career trying to learn more about how they can be applied to make work more enjoyable for people. Participant Experience Level: Intermediate

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