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June 2023 - Dan Florizone

Lean Deployment in Saskatchewan


Learning from Experience, Success and Failure This session will include a brief presentation followed by an armchair discussion about the Lean experiment in Saskatchewan. Dan Florizone, the Former Deputy Minister responsible for Health, Education and Lean Deployment across the government and the health and education sectors across Saskatchewan will provide insights into the challenges, significant learning, and failures with deployment. This session is intended to share what went well, and why progress stalled in one of the largest lean initiatives ever undertaken. Learning Objectives: 1. gain insight and perspective into the genesis, journey, aim and vision for lean deployment across the public service in Saskatchewan. 2. learn about the successes and failures embedded in this journey - and the key take-aways from these experiences. 3. gain appreciation for how LEAN continues to shape our public systems and services locally, provincially, nationally and globally. Experience Rating: Intermediate About the Presenter: Dan Florizone is currently an Executive-in-Residence with the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy. He teaches in Executive Education along with the MHA, MPA and MPP programs. Dan is the former Deputy Minister of Health (Saskatchewan and Nunavut), Deputy Minister of Education (SK), and Deputy Minister Responsible for Lean (SK). He is former President/CEO for the Saskatoon Health Region, Five Hills Health Region, Moose Jaw - Thunder Creek Health District, South East Health District and the Canora-Invermay-Norquay and Wilkie Hospitals.

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