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June 2024 - Lean Principles

Integrating Lean Principles and The Toyota Way


Enhancing Continuous Improvement and Respect for People This presentation explores the integration of Lean principles introduced by Womack and Jones with The Toyota Way, emphasizing continuous improvement and respect for people. It provides an overview of Lean Thinking, the Toyota Way's core pillars, and real-world examples of successful implementation across various industries. The session includes insights from Bob Emiliani's research, highlighting key takeaways and benefits. Interactive breakout questions are designed to engage participants and encourage reflection on their organization's practices and opportunities for improvement. Learning Objectives: 1. Understanding of how Lean became Lean 2. High level overview of Lean Principles and The Toyota Way 3. The importance of people in Lean thinking Presentation Rating: Intermediate

  • 21 Canadian dollars
  • Online

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