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May - Fernando Cuenca

Going from "Teams everywhere" to "Services everywhere"


The Kanban Lens You can apply Kanban both to teams and services, but the resulting Kanban system normally accomplishes a very different "agenda", so learning to differentiate between the two (including when "team == service") and to pragmatically define a service boundary is a critical skill for a practitioner of the Kanban Method. Objectives: 1. Kanban Agendas, in particular Service Orientation Seeing services 2. Identifying boundaries and interconnections Experience Level: Intermediate About the Speaker: Fernando started as a developer in the early 90s (C++ used to be his best friend), discovered Extreme Programming in the early 2000s, carried the “dev manager” title for a brief time, and became a full time Agile Coach by 2009. He started consulting independently in 2014. In 2018 he partnered with other Kanban specialists to form SquirrelNorth. He holds a degree in Information Systems Engineering, and Kanban Coaching, Training, and Consulting accreditations from Kanban University. When not working with clients, he’s learning to play the harpsichord.

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